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Back Country Bliss is a travel and tourism company based in Far North Queensland that takes customers on unique adventures into the Daintree Rainforest and into the Great Barrier Reef.

The Challenge

Jason had developed a thriving business in Port Douglas and had good organic traffic but wanted to leverage paid ads to get in front of the right audience at the right time. Excess inventory in tours was wasted money so he wanted to leverage the power of Facebook Ads to get more sales from people that were already in the region and were looking for more adventures.


We used the photography and video clips that the brand owner had collected across their tours and combined it into powerful ads, designed to inspire users and encourage action. 

Creative Production

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads


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Return on Ad Spend
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Improvement on ad results
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Reduction in customer acquisition costs

Generating sales on Facebook used to cost Backcountry Bliss $218 per customer before working together. 

Within 10 days, new campaigns were set up, replacing struggling campaigns and securing an immediate return on investment. We were able to reduce the acquisition cost to $28. The ads drive significant traffic from an audience that was already in the region and looking for activities during their stay.

Since working together, Backcountry Bliss has been listed as a featured company in the official Regional Tourism Organization of Cairns and Great Barrier Reef and been featured on multiple news and morning television programs. 

They’ve gone from running one tour a day to 4 tours per day being sold out weeks in advance.

Hear from our happy clients

“His expertise, guidance, advice and management of our account went far above just creating and maintaining our ads. He gave us great insights about our home page, landing pages, images, and marketing messages. He looked for many other ways to build our brand including testimonials, reviews, and more. He was TRULY our partner in increasing revenue across the board and we made HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars while under his management, during a worldwide pandemic.”

Emily Kelly

Organize 365

“Luke's improvements created a 12x return on our ad spend, and reduced customer acquisition costs on socials by 87%
My business was able to harness new leads from around the area and sell our tours more frequently.
We eventually stopped selling through other channels, as the social adverts were so successful.”

Jason Heffernan

Backcountry Bliss

“Luke has all the technical expertise of an ads specialist, but he also intimately understands the bigger picture strategy which feeds into the ad copy and creative he uses in his campaigns. He's always up to date with the latest developments in the ad space and uses this knowledge to advise upcoming campaigns so we always feel like we have an advantage over the competition.”

Steve Cox

Orange Theory Fitness

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