M&S Meats Jerky

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M&S Meats had been producing world class jerky in Montana since 1945. Their jerky is legendary across the state and amongst those that visited Glacier National park and Flathead Lake. A stopover at their iconic store has been a time honored tradition on thousands of road trips over the last 75 years. The trouble was, no-one else knew who they were…

The Challenge

After years of success as a bricks and mortar business, this jerky company had an enviable reputation. Every summer people flocked to Glacier National Park and bought their signature jerky. When covid shut down their physical stores, they needed to transition to online, and quick.

Previously they’d worked with existing agencies that had been able to bring in some sales but the cost per new customer was way too high and they were losing money on every sale. 

The key goals were to:

  • Introduce new customers to the brand and communicate the brand’s USPs
  • Encouraging past customers buyers to purchase 
  • Increase the low average order value


We took a comprehensive approach with M&S Meats, rolling out a strategy that focused on customers at all stages of the customer journey. In order to improve their results, we needed to make changes across the site. 

Creative Production

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Influencer Management

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Email Marketing

Facebook was the best platform to bring in new audiences but improvements to the website and messaging needed to be made first. Before sending a lot more traffic to a site, we want it to be optimized to get more sales out of every visit. 

We took the time to understand the brand by conducting a user survey of their customers. Through this process we built out avatars and captured the authentic voice of real customers and why they purchased from M&S Meats. We were able to distill the brand’s communication strategy into a few key messages and value propositions. 

Using this information we took a number of steps:

  • Created powerful email automations for welcome series, abandoned cart, abandoned browse, back in stock and customer winback
  • We engaged and briefed content creators to make compelling content based on these key messages
  • Ran extensive advertising campaigns across Facebook and Instagram
  • Introduced new sales channels like Shop and Facebook and Instagram Shops, which contributed an additional 5% revenue within the first month
  • We improved the profitability of each order by adding upsells and cross sells in their checkout process 
  • Added dual incentive tiers to encourage higher average order
  • Conducted Conversion Rate Optimization tests – this involved Improved product imagery and descriptions to assist organic discovery


The results were immediate. By identifying what was most important to their customers we were able to speak to the desires of their audience. 

Previous agency’s performance went from a 1.68x ROAS to above 4 ROAS, with a 300% increase in adspend. 

We spread the word about their products and have now added an additional $1 million in revenue within the first 8 months of working together. 

“I can tell he puts so much of his heart and soul into helping our company… Within a few days we saw the difference he made and we’ve done the best we have ever done.” 

– Trish Vu, owner

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