USA Rugby


The USA Eagles, the national rugby team of the United States, wanted to drive sales for exhibition matches against the New Zealand All Blacks and the Irish National Rugby team. LJ Marketing stepped in to deliver a tailored approach that would yield outstanding results.

The Challenge

Since rugby is not as popular in the United States as other sports, these events needed to build awareness from fans of other sporting codes and engage expat audiences.

An additional challenge was that with changes to Facebook as a result of IOS 14, tracking purchases through their ticketing platform Ticketmaster was no longer possible. We needed a means to retarget audiences and create other metrics to measure the success of the campaign. 

To effectively do this, we need to 

Performanc marketing lives and dies on its. When conversion data doesn’t come back, To account for the lack of . 


To effectively do this, we needed to find some creative solutions. We were able to track the effectiveness of campaigns by tracking Performance marketing lives and dies on its ability to measure results so when conversion data doesn’t come back we need to create means of tracking user actions. A landing page was set up that provided more information and outbound links to the TIcketmaster platform were tracked. This allowed us to capture as much information as was possible without access to pixel data from Ticketmaster. 

There was a strong correlation between increased ad spend and outbound clicks to Ticketmaster which allowed us to infer the correlation with a fair degree of precision through the use of Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER). 


The strategic campaigns led to a substantial increase in ticket sales for the USA Eagles. By effectively reaching rugby enthusiasts and leveraging compelling messaging, we motivated fans to attend matches, driving revenue growth for the team.


By leveraging targeted messaging, creative content, and precise audience segmentation, we successfully expanded the team’s reach, increased ticket sales, and nurtured an engaged online community. As a result, the USA Eagles continue to soar to new heights, both on and off the field, cementing their status as a beloved national sports team.

Hear from our happy clients

“His expertise, guidance, advice and management of our account went far above just creating and maintaining our ads. He gave us great insights about our home page, landing pages, images, and marketing messages. He looked for many other ways to build our brand including testimonials, reviews, and more. He was TRULY our partner in increasing revenue across the board and we made HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars while under his management, during a worldwide pandemic.”

Emily Kelly

Organize 365

“Luke's improvements created a 12x return on our ad spend, and reduced customer acquisition costs on socials by 87%
My business was able to harness new leads from around the area and sell our tours more frequently.
We eventually stopped selling through other channels, as the social adverts were so successful.”

Jason Heffernan

Backcountry Bliss

“Luke has all the technical expertise of an ads specialist, but he also intimately understands the bigger picture strategy which feeds into the ad copy and creative he uses in his campaigns. He's always up to date with the latest developments in the ad space and uses this knowledge to advise upcoming campaigns so we always feel like we have an advantage over the competition.”

Steve Cox

Orange Theory Fitness

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